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B.O.T. SC07 light sport aircraft from Renegade Light Sport Aircraft.

B.O.T SC07 Speed Cruiser

The SC07 has nice handling characteristics both in the air and on the ground. The nosewheel steering is precise and direct with good feedback, making ground navigation effortless.

The engine is smooth and powerful with easy starting and impressive power, in fact in climb you feel as if you are “hanging on the prop.”

For short takeoff runs, the flaps can be set at 15 deg.

The SC07 has gentle and predictable stall characteristics. Rather than an abrupt break or dropping a wing, the aircraft simply loses altitude until the elevator is released and accelerated above the stall speed.

In testing the aircraft was finally induced into dropping a wing by setting the flaps at 45deg. in a bank and allowing the airspeed to drop below stall speed. Even then it was easy to correct with standard stall recovery before much altitude was lost.

The SC07 is comfortable and quiet even at high speed cruise, with smooth predictable handling. The view outside is excellent due to the large windows and cantilevered wings (no struts to obscure the view).

Inside, the controls and instruments are ergonomically well-placed, minimizing pilot workload. Even landing is easy due to the large, effective flaps and slow stall speed, allowing even the low time pilot to “hit the numbers” easily.

SC07 Speed Cruiser light sport aircraft from B.O.T. Aircraft
Renegade Light Sport Aircraft, BOT  SC07 Speed Cruiser.

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